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How can chiropractic help my pet?

Chiropractic can help your pet live a healthier life.  It can help with performance animals including agility dogs, ranch dogs and working horses as well as your beloved companion.  Both Dr. Leigh & Dr. Lenz have post-graduate training to treat animals and are Certified Veterinary Chiropractitioners.  We will work with your veterinarian to help your pet become healthier, stronger and pain-free. 

How do I know if my pet needs to be adjusted?

You may notice a change in their gait (the way they walk), difficulty jumping onto the bed or in the car, stiffness when going up or down stairs, a change in their behavior or sensitivity when you pet a certain area of their spine or after they have received some form of trauma, whether it be a repetitive trauma or a major trauma.  Owners with animals who compete in competitions may notice a change in the way their pet performs during the competition, usually favoring one side or not being as crisp on the agility course for example.

How do you adjust my pet?

We use a technique called Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation, or VOM.  A small hand-held device is used to detect and correct where your pet is out of alignment.  For more information about the VOM technique, check out their website.  

What is Cold Low-Level Laser treatment?

Cold low-level laser treatment is a modality used to help decrease pain and inflammation, whether it is for an animal or a human.  Different frequencies of this safe and effective laser can be beneficial to help speed the healing in your pet.  Your pet should not experience any discomfort during this treatment.

How much does it cost?

Small animals (dogs, cats, rabbits, etc) - $25
Large animals (horses, cattle, etc) - $75 
Cold low-level laser treatment - $25

How do I get my pet scheduled?

We schedule small animal adjustments on Monday and Wednesday evenings as well as Friday afternoons. Once you receive a referral from your veterinarian for chiropractic care, you can call the clinic to set up your pet’s appointment at 541-826-6800.  Large animals are scheduled when Dr. Leigh is available to come out to your facility.  An additional farm call may be charged if you're located more than 10 miles from the clinic.  We look forward to helping your pet with their spinal healthcare needs!  

Check out one of our canine patients excitedly waiting for their appointment on You Tube.

"Where’s Dr. Leigh?"  This is Coco, staring at the door as she waits patiently for her adjustment.  (Picture courtesy of her owners)